Friday, December 10, 2010

Fraud website -

New Modern Technique to stole your money from Liberty Reserve account.
A fraudster send you spam via the internal LR-mail, here is the message that they sent to me.
Subject : Get Free $ 1 LibertyReserve daily!

Date: 12/10/2010 20:41:02

From: U9673940 (AN)

Subject: Get Free $ 1 LibertyReserve daily!

Message Hello.

You have to do nothing, just register in our program!

No sponsoring required to get paid!

No registration fee!

Referral commission 10 %!

After registration they send you automatic email with instruction to next step for grab Free 1$
I was not surprised when I read that letter, here is

Hello, xxxxxxx

To complete registration you must setup your Liberty Reserve account:

1. Login to your Liberty Reserve account.

2. Click On "Merchant Tools".

3. Click On "Create new API".

4. Fill this information:
a. *API Name: isdnoir
b. *Security Word: isdnoir1
c. Check "Enabled"
d. Check Available Operations "Transfer" and "Balance"
e. Enter your Master key.

5. Click on "Submit".

Now you have successfully registered in the program!

Your referral link:

LibertyForFree Team
Get Free $ 1 daily to your Liberty Reserve account!

Well, you should never follow the instructions mentioned in the above.
Don't Create any API for someone, NEVER. If you share the API info it's same as you give someone your Login / Password and Pin. You will lose all of your money in LR at the same time !!!!!!

Fraud LR # U9673940 (AN)
Fraud site
Stay away from this site please
Don't be a victim!